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Pinephone Pro camera CLI: return of the dots

now set the cli to capture full resolution image, and see the return of the triangular dots, first seen with ppp-cam. all the settings were “try what worked” not sure if they are optimal, or even correct or consistent. now … Continue reading

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Pinephone Pro Camera CLI on mobian

Finally got around to looking at the cli commands and the pinephonepro camera. the new device, is slightly more complex that the docs I found:installed utility “dot” ( sudo apt install graphviz ) to view the structure of the settings:run … Continue reading

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Building Megapixels on mobian

mobian megapixels working from this build: branch ‘linux-megi-6.1’ of have been apt updating files and am currently running: Linux mobian 6.1-rockchip #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Thu Jan 12 12:05:39 UTC 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux the default megapixels does not seem to … Continue reading

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Mobian and megapixels working

since I have an sd card with the manjaro-ppp version installed, updated my mobian sd card with apt update, so now uname -a shows Linux mobian 5.19-rockchip #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Sat Oct 15 15:03:36 UTC 2022 aarch64 GNU/Linux and copied … Continue reading

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October 2022 Manjaro phosh + megapixels-ppp

downloaded an October 2022 dev image of Manjaro phosh: Manjaro-ARM-phosh-pinephonepro-20221008.img.gz and installed megapixels-ppp works! the default rear image is 1048×780, but modifying the file /usr/share/megapixels/config/pine64,pinephone-pro.ini one can change the resolution. Is a bit darker? did click and change the camera … Continue reading

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PinephonePRO camera working in July 2022

for the long weekend here in North America (Friday off in Canada, Monday off in US) had some time to again look at the pinephone pro. downloaded the July 1 manjaro plasma dev image: and also ppp-cam testing utility: … Continue reading

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BirdNET-Pi in the city

installed BirdNET-Pi on a 4 Gig Raspberry Pi 4. Using a webcam with built in microphone I had lying around. The microphone is not really designed for wildlife recordings, but seems to work! It is sitting in an open window. … Continue reading

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BrickPI EggBot for Easter

Since was playing with the brickpi earlier, tried an eggbot: as with most things, the software part is easy for me, the actual pen/egg bits are more challenging. Found the “gear play” and some friction issues, the egg slipping in … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi HQ Camera action shot

Have a Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera with the 16mm Telephoto Lens for Raspberry Pi HQ Camera watching my back yard. Caught a sparrow mid flight this week.

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MS Code Remote SSH + Pinephone PRO

got my python setup and running remote, with MS Code, on my laptop, connected remotely via SSH to pinephone pro. MS Code has a very useful capability “Remote Development using SSH“. Briefly, it lets me use my favorite big screen/keyboard … Continue reading

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