Waydroid on Mobian on PinephonePRO

installed with method 1 on the mobian wiki, using the upstream repo.

Surprisingly easy, with the “Here be dragons” warning making me wary.

Do feel a bit sad that I cannot find all the apps I want/need on mobian yet, but glad this seems to work very well so far. And surprisingly fast.

Initial test, default install with “vanilla” android (so no google play store integration)

Signal, from their direct APK working. (tried running the “official” signal desktop linux x86 version in an emulated mode with qemu, but that failed). If Signal releases a “pure” arm linux version, will switch to that on mobian.

Other initial observations.

did not seem to handle rotation that well; would rotate, but only show thin part in half the window? like it didn’t get the screen dimensions also rotated. Locked the settings in Mobian to portrait and that works; if start waydroid in landscape mode, has the problem.

no wifi or cell in the android settings, but am connected to internet through mobian. I assume this is expected, but interesting… (wonder what that looks like to the android spyware?)

youtube doesn’t play well. can hear sound, but video freezes.

the sound recorder did not work; since youtube plays sound, may be the recording part?

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