Firefox Built on VisionFive 2

Unmodified firefox build (from this weekend) built on Debian on the VisionFive 2 !

Linux starfive 5.15.0-starfive #1 SMP Mon Feb 27 14:03:14 EST 2023 riscv64 GNU/Linux

not optimized, and not with the JIT, just the default build.

A few notes, if someone wants to replicate.

Using 202302 debian build. Enabled remote ssh.

  • updated /etc/apt/sources.list to pull from regular location

#deb unstable main
deb unstable main

(this did “break” my X startup, so have to manually start Xorg from ssh session)

  • installed rustc 1.67.1 via rustup
  • installed node 19 from experimental tier
  • had to build cairo from source, the one installed from apt gave error
    # error Cairo was not compiled with support for GObject

then Build Firefox on Linux

did have to install a lot of dependencies with apt.

further note: do have an nvme installed, and put the code on that, but left the root system on SD card. So very slow, took ~6 hours (with a few stops in between to add dependencies)

result: Firefox runs!

./firefox --version
Mozilla Firefox 112.0a1

Not very quick as the system is not optimized, and didn’t install the jit.

Youtube worked, and sound via headset (no hdmi sound).
a bit slow, so reduced resolution to lowest to get smooth video.
not bad for no GPU at all!

next project, to move root onto the nvme so system is faster. (and fix X again so boots properly)

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