Pinephone Pro and libcamera on mobian

Working, sort of?

This is my first time really looking at libcamera, I’m not a C person, so have not built much with C, so just trying out the basic build and utilities.

Downloaded the git repo and all the dependencies, and built on the phone.

above is another picture of the test image, on the pinebook pro using qcam. The colours are not modified by me, came directly from the qcam app. So better than megapixels out of the box.

But, the ui is not great, on my setup. The app screen image is very transparent, I can see the desktop image through the picture. Searching the web, seemed to indicate this may be a known issue? The lag is not bad, similar to megapixels. Now I have the pinephone keyboard connected, so I can type the filename into qcam interface without much difficulty, not sure how usable qcam is without it.

the cam cli seems to work also, if you make it capture 10 images, seemed to hang if you pass --capture=1 .

Did also seem to control the focus, managed to make some very blurry images, then some sort of clear ones. Will need to try to reproduce that; was switching between the older v4l-utils cli and libcamera, and think the settings bleed into each other.

I’m more of a python person, so will try to build and play with the python extensions to get more control, and if that fails, try some (very bad) c code. Before anyone mentions them, I have downloaded the libcamera-apps, which should give more cli control, but they give me errors when trying to capture images, so likely need to be modified (or the mobian distro itself?). As mentioned I’m not a C expert, so will try the python stuff before digging into C/C++ directly.

note, mobian uname -a says:

Linux mobian 6.1-rockchip #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri Feb 3 05:58:59 UTC 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux

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