PinephonePRO camera working in July 2022

for the long weekend here in North America (Friday off in Canada, Monday off in US) had some time to again look at the pinephone pro.

downloaded the July 1 manjaro plasma dev image:

and also ppp-cam testing utility:

am inside, so a bit dark, had to set gain > defaults:

test pics at breakfast: all 3 sizes of the world sensor; did notice the lowest resolution is darker, so set the gain higher for a second version



Small, same gain as large


Do notice the small triangular grid on the large image; software or actual hardware artifact?
also a greenish tinge.


  • get the cli working with ffmpeg, v4l2-ctl and media-ctl
  • hook python up, and see about some image processing there.
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1 Response to PinephonePRO camera working in July 2022

  1. Blort says:

    So, I gave this a shot. I saw the green tinge and the contrast is super low. Now I understand that there’s no image processing happening, but it still seems very low, even factoring that in, especially in high contrast lighting situations. I also spotted the triangular noise pattern on most of the images, especially the ones with more light. You can see my images at:

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