BirdNET-Pi in the city

installed BirdNET-Pi on a 4 Gig Raspberry Pi 4. Using a webcam with built in microphone I had lying around. The microphone is not really designed for wildlife recordings, but seems to work! It is sitting in an open window.

Above is an amusing result of my first day: A local emergency vehicle, with its faint rise and fall, then switch to faster siren, is picked up as an Eastern Screech Owl. The very thin clear line in the graph shows it is clear pure tone, and the even colour shows uniform volume.

It has picked up the birds I know do exist around my place, including some very faint Ring Gulls that fly over, way up high, 20m or more above the house! Most impressed by the microphone… and slightly horrified as to what else it picks up when I use it in a zoom meeting?!

here are the stats from this morning; anything before 4 am I assume are city noises, but I can attest that the Robins are awake between 4 and 5 am.

will leave running until I need my webcam back!

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