Pinephone Pro arrived!

Initial notes:

installed beta10 on SD card. Speed of SD card makes huge difference. First use, was with the default internal image. Nice, fast. Then installed beta on SD card. Was an old one I just had lying around. SO SLOW.
so instead got a faster one and makes a huge difference. Once things stabilize, will want to put the image back on the local storage which is even faster.

did notice the drain. kept going down and down. and also mine would restart as soon as I tried to turn it off to let it charge, when plugged into my default charger. Finally looked it up. need a more powerful charger… I have an “official raspberry pi” charger, usb3 15 w version, link here. That one does charge the phone even when it is turned on.

Other stuff:
pacman install: htop, git, tmux. to start.
enabled sshd

works! connected to my older bluetooth headset, and just works! listening to a youtube video works quite well. using the default angelfish browser.

next steps?
try figuring out the camera, install python and pygame

update: by install python, I mean “my python“; default python 3.10.x seems to be present, I will be setting up a virtual environment, and collecting my favorite modules and arranging with poetry, for a consistent setup..

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