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have started to add nature photos to

my observations are here. Have been putting up older pictures, some from many years ago! So need to sort the list by “date observed” rather than date added to see them in the correct sequence.

Was surprised by how many different species we have seen, even within the city, and even our yard!

The larger mammals are the most fun to see; with the covid lockdown, there do seem to be more. Also there is some work being done by the local transit company (Metrolinx – GO transit), on a commuter train right of way, that had a lot of ground cover and trees. The work may have caused a few animals to migrate out of the ravine where the train runs.

Have put up some bird feeders in the back yard, which can be seen in some of the observations. The most common visitors are not birds, but squirrels.

So far just posting any photos that look good. As the weather warms, will expand and add more observations, plan on adding more plants, fungi, insects.

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