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MS Code Remote SSH + Pinephone PRO

got my python setup and running remote, with MS Code, on my laptop, connected remotely via SSH to pinephone pro. MS Code has a very useful capability “Remote Development using SSH“. Briefly, it lets me use my favorite big screen/keyboard … Continue reading

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Pinephone Pro arrived!

Initial notes: speed:installed beta10 on SD card. Speed of SD card makes huge difference. First use, was with the default internal image. Nice, fast. Then installed beta on SD card. Was an old one I just had lying around. SO … Continue reading

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Wombo Art

Came across wombo art on twitter (#wombo) and it is very cool! here is a link to my first creation: Toronto Transit Raccoon here is the image directly: my Friday productivity is going to be lower than usual…

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iNaturalist site

have started to add nature photos to my observations are here. Have been putting up older pictures, some from many years ago! So need to sort the list by “date observed” rather than date added to see them in … Continue reading

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