Megapixels oddness

still running postmarket-os, manually updating with apk

found that the megapixels app, is now fast, but is not saving the .jpg files correctly on my setup?

is saving two files, IMGYYYYMMDDHHMMSS.dng and IMGYYYYMMDDHHMMSS.jpg

the .dng file seems fine, but since ~20201214 the .jpg is red and squished/half?

manually converted the raw .dng to jpg, and is ok, see below for an example.

the program to convert was using python3 on the phone, using python3 and the rawpy module, below almost verbatim from the example

import rawpy
import imageio

path = 'in.dng'
with rawpy.imread(path) as raw:
    rgb = raw.postprocess()
imageio.imsave('out.jpg', rgb)
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