Recent Pinephone ubtouch build

Finally tried the ubuntu touch build for the pinephone again.

downloaded build 75 from here

initial install was a few days after that build. Camera still did not work.

ran the update, and it downloaded a few apps, and a new system image.

Camera now working without any hacks!


  • is sluggish, not realtime update on screen
  • the screen image is reversed; so text is backwards; but actual photo saved is not
  • preview thumbnails not working in the viewer
  • thumbnails do show up in file manager browser
  • all images seem to come out landscape, no matter how the phone is held.
  • focus also sluggish, need to hold steady or may focus on background
  • lower light a bit grainy
  • camera app did not work with front camera

will continue to try things out

Other non camera notes

  • when screen blank comes on, wifi connection drops, need to wait, or manually turn on and off wifi
  • video did not work
  • youtube working fine in browser

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