Pinebook Pro setup

some notes on getting the pinebook pro setup for normal use.


virtual environment, and installing my standard libraries

  • also note, not sure about these new wordpress blocks, my formatting may be off as they do things differently
  • pandas
  • numpy
  • jupyter-lab
  • matplotlib
  • pygame

all installed, but some took a while to compile (needed to install gcc and build tools). Been spoiled by ready made binaries available, the arm versions did not have them.


  • older epson wireless inkjet, was detected and worked without an issue, my exact model was not on the list, but one close was
  • older hp 1102w (very cheap) laser printer. needed a binary ?! was afraid that it would not work with the arm cpu, but yes it did! watching the install, it seemed to use some python (at least for the prompts) so now printing working with colour and black and white.
    • note: the initial hp utility install from the menu, seemed to go into an infinite loop, keeping asking for my root password; but after running, just quit out of the hp utility, and went back to CUPS, the printer was now listed at the top of the CUPS screen, so configured it there.


tried the web interface; confusing, does try to get you to download the linux version. Only found x86 ones. Anyone see an arm binary, let me know.

the web ui, slow, allows me to join voice only, and I can see other’s video. When trying to enable the video, ui tries, but then fails to start camera (so it says). Tried plugging in external video camera in USB, and it too fails, but I can see the indicator light on it does come on, just a few seconds after the zoom web UI fails and gives up? perhaps a timing issue?

  • feature request for next pinebook, small indicator light for the camera? or just use one of the ones below?

Other comments.


I am not generally a touchpad person, when given thinkpads for my old office job, tended to disable the touchpad taps and swipes and use the “eraser” to move the mouse, and the physical buttons. (did not like the short span of thinkpads that got rid of the buttons, T440 versions or so). So agree with some reviews that the touchpad is not easy to use, so for any serious sessions, do tend to plug in a usb mouse. works fine, no issues


after getting to work, initially did not detect my 5GHz setup, only saw the 2.6. Confused. On the router had a dynamic/auto setting to pick frequency, and I guess that the router had picked one outside the pinebook chip range. Looked up the supported range on the pinebook pro, and picked that for the router, and that now works. My other 5GHz devices did not complain, so have left that setting for now. Wondering if I am annoying the neighbours…

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