And now for something completely different: postmarketOS, python

pinephone update: I had some issues with build 290 of ubports;  would not boot?

installed current postmarketOS

I am not an Alpine Linux user, so still getting the hang of this setup.

installed phosh.

Do like the USB networking, so can connect even if wifi down

playing with python

installed python3 and pillow.
to get pillow to work, needed lots of extra development libraries: (was trial and error, may be too many listed)

apk add  build-base
apk add  ffmpeg
apk add  freetype-dev
apk add  fribidi-dev
apk add  gcc
apk add  harfbuzz-dev
apk add  jpeg-dev
apk add  lcms2-dev
apk add  libwebp-dev
apk add  libxcb-dev
apk add  media-ctl
apk add  openjpeg-dev
apk add  py-pillow
apk add  py3-pillow
apk add  python2-dev
apk add  python3-dev
apk add  python3-tkinter
apk add  tcl-dev
apk add  tiff-dev
apk add  tk-dev
apk add  v4l-utils
apk add  zlib-dev

then pip install pillow worked, in a local venv

now with tkinter, have a ui that shows a local jpeg file, captured with ffmpeg: (using subprocess to call media-ctl and ffmpeg command lines for now, TODO pure python version)

here is a video on youtube with the result:



then installed pygame 2.0.0.dev6

and multitouch works directly:


here is the pic


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