New Pinephone Build

Updated to ubports build 246

  • modem active on initial boot
  • Voice calling works!
  • new faster wallpaper?

general notes:

I am now carrying as full time phone; but do not use my phone much;  I get only a few texts per day, and do not use the phone as part of my job at all.

  • Do have to reboot it at least a couple of times per day.
  • UI is very sluggish to start new apps, switch apps; watching the spinning circle a lot.  Once inside an app is reasonable.
  • One major annoyance is how if I click the power button to turn the screen off, it very often (at least once per day) goes into the “ubuntu startup screen logo” with the dots flashing below.  I can still ssh into the phone, so it has not totally crashed, but the UI is no longer usable.  This is annoying if it happens when I am outside away from my laptop, so simply have to reboot to get the UI back.
  • Still does not always clean the text messages out of the modem; so have to manually do that after ~23 messages (for me 23 txt in a day is a lot). use minicom for that
  • battery use still very bad perhaps 4 hours?  I have a charger at my desk, so recharge it when in the office during the day, otherwise would die.  does last my commute.
  • not using cell data yet; only wifi and txt
  • not using bluetooth


more camera notes

here we have a set of pictures, without moving the phone, just changing the resolution:

looking at the spec sheet, the sensor is more square, so closest to the first two, and for the second two, “crops” the image from the sensor.

here is a set with different image settings, with different colours and resolutions;  this setting did not support the two smaller ones

outside pictures

can use the phone outside on the streetcar and walks.  Notice that all my pictures are very grey/blue.  I think this is due to weather and environment, not due to the sensor filtering that way…

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