Pinephone 64

Received pinephone 64 Braveheart version.  Running ubuntu touch.

What works?

  • SMS
    if the modem is enabled using the command line;
    note: found that the ui does not always delete the texts, so had to use minicom and manually delete the texts with some AT commands.  Also on reboot does not always reconnect to my provider, so sometimes have to go into settings and re-choose
  • wifi
    connected to older setup, latest on my home router does not appear
    ssh-ing into the phone from my local network
  • web browser
  • sound on browser
    with some command lines, can watch
  • rear camera
    not using the UI application, using a commandline script;
    had to download updated ffmpeg library to get camera working, default version using apt install did not work.

here is a picture using the phone, of its box:



and here is me taking a selfie of the phone with the phone.
(since only the rear camera works, needed two mirrors):


and since it is winter here, some pictures of snow:

full resolution image;  need a lot of light, default settings are dim.


What I have not got working

  • voice calls
    have read that this is possible, but have not completed;
    the application can dial but cannot hear anything at the moment.
  • camera app.
    only cli working with camera
  • front camera.
    not even with cli
  • cellular data
    only tried a few times, need to confirm my provider settings.
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