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Testing Testing Pinephone camera

dug into some docs on the image sensor, and found the test patterns! and two full resolution: recall: ubuntu touch + updated ffmpeg. settings for v4l2-ctl (test_pattern changed to 1 – 4) v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video1 -l User Controls contrast (int) … Continue reading

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More Pinephone pictures

playing with ubuntu touch on pinephone, and command line pictures. Background. default ubuntu touch image from the weekend;  not sure where to check the build number from within the image…. been running apt upgrade and update since then.  Plan is … Continue reading

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Pinephone 64

Received pinephone 64 Braveheart version.  Running ubuntu touch. What works? SMS if the modem is enabled using the command line; note: found that the ui does not always delete the texts, so had to use minicom and manually delete the … Continue reading

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