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Have not posted in a while.


Recently acquired a new toy: a clockworkpi gameshell, an open source handheld game machine.  So something to talk about!

Very impressive, very well done.

initial assembly, took less than an hour.  Documentation and instructions very clear, just my eyes not what they used to be.  Some of the pieces look very similar, and do snap together, incorrectly, so need to double check that all the pieces are in the correct pairs!  They also easily “unsnap” so not a big problem.

What is it?

if you didn’t click on the link above:  is a modular game machine.  My version came with 5 modules, plus the case:  CPU, battery, keypad, screen, soundbar.
CPU is an arm linux machine, with wifi, so very familiar to login and get started.

initial experiments/notes:

Python + pygame is onboard.  So trying that out first:

initial login to shell, and

export DISPLAY=:0

then a quick vi, and pasted in a sample script with pygame, and it appears on the screen!

more to come, will setup a repo, and links to some sample pygame programs.  (snake, asteroids, tetris)

Note: it does support lots of other game engines/types, will get to those next!

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