Denemo and old Yamaha digital piano

General notes.

Managed to get Denemo working with the p85 keyboard on the windows machine!

Still very confusing, and not sure quite how to work it;

Comparing open source to a commercial offering; unnamed for now.

Denemo does crash; has auto save, but crashes disconcerting. Initial crash was the reason to try out the commercial system.  Did get it working by setting midi setting first in the preferences menu.


Denemo 2.0.14 running with Lenovo laptop i7 quad core, windows 10, old p85 Yamaha digital piano, and ux16 USB-midi interface.

Have not yet tried with linux; may work

Also downloaded the binary file copy utility from Yamaha, and that also seems to work.

Confusing: how to enter using keyboard correctly, single notes, chords, tempo.  Need to read the manual – the tempo not picked up as expected.

Manual mentions music can be input via microphone:
Possibly can sing, or even use guitar?

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